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No, Professor, Words Are Not Violence — The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal. The excuse we have often heard for raucous campus protests over the last few years is that they are justified as a way of countering the “violence” of speakers like Milo Yiannopoulos and Charles Murray. To prevent them from speaking is, according to this line of argument, using mere sound to eliminate the actual harm that the words of such individuals would do to vulnerable members of the campus community. You might be inclined to dismiss the notion that words can be violence as one of those ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe it. In that case, here is the intellectual you’re looking for—Professor Lisa Feldman Barrett of Northeastern University. In her recent New York Times article entitled “When Is Speech Violence?” Barrett contends that speech that “bullies and torments” ought to be prevented because “from the perspective of our brain cells,” it is “literally a form of violence.” She points to scientific findings showing that “Words can have a powerful effect on your nervous system.

Certain types of adversity, even those involving no physical contact, can make you sick, alter your brain—even kill neurons—and shorten your life.”Professor Barrett is a respected psychologist and she cites studies in neuroscience that support her statement that verbal abuse can bring on stress that causes physical damage. Let’s not question the science she cites. Let’s agree that she is correct in saying that chronic stress is bad for an individual, perhaps even life- shortening. The problem is that there is no apparent connection between chronic stress and merely listening to someone speak, for a while, no matter how provocative his words may be. Professor Barrett’s data pertain to studies showing how prolonged stress undermines health, but what does that have to do with the short- term exposure to a speaker who says things that are, for some students, upsetting? Her data just don’t lead to her conclusion that college students must be protected against certain speech. In fact, her own words undermine the case for protecting students against speakers who make upsetting arguments: Offensiveness is not bad for your body and brain.

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It isn't just third term arrogance. Ngaro is merely the latest example of National's long history of attacking, intimidating, and trying to silence critical voices. Looking for great kids truth or dare questions? Dares are a classic party addition, but I have had many requests stating they have a hard time finding good truth. What We Do. BeDo is all about big ideas. We help clients craft strategies and drive movements. Founded by Marc Mathieu, we work with a spectrum of companies from.

Your nervous system evolved to withstand periodic bouts of stress, such as fleeing from a tiger, taking a punch, or encountering an odious idea in a university lecture. Entertaining someone else’s distasteful perspective can be educational. When you’re forced to engage a position you strongly disagree with, you learn something about the other perspective, as well as your own. John Stuart Mill would have agreed completely. He maintained in perhaps his most famous work, On Liberty, that it is good for the mind to counter ideas that it finds disagreeable, even outrageous. It is healthy mental exercise to have to think through your reasons for opposing another person’s argument. And sometimes you find that your own position has some holes in it.

But after making the sensible point that offensiveness isn’t necessarily bad for a person, Barrett makes an unjustified leap, stating that a line can and should be drawn between speakers who challenge listeners with debatable ideas and those who just speak hatred and abuse. In the former camp she puts the well- known scholar Charles Murray (although decried as a person who spews racial hatred by the Southern Poverty Law Center; see Murray sparring with SPLC here), and in the latter, Milo Yiannopoulos. Of Yiannopoulos, Barrett writes that he is “part of something noxious, a campaign of abuse.”We will come back to her blurry line between acceptable and unacceptable speakers, but the immediate problem with Barrett’s thesis is that even if a speaker gives the listeners nothing but undiluted hatred (let’s say advocating arresting all Muslims and putting them in internment camps indefinitely), that doesn’t mean listeners would be physically harmed by such a talk. That’ s a point that Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff make in their rejoinder to Barrett in the Atlantic, “Why It’s a Bad Idea to Tell Students Words Are Violence.” They observe that in calling for schools to prevent “harmful” speech, she has forgotten “the contrast between short- and long- term stressors.” A campus talk, they note, is over in less than two hours and any student feeling traumatized could walk out at any time. There’s no chronic stress from any kind of campus talk. The science Barrett relies on provides no reason to keep even the most extreme of speakers away.

All she has done is to validate, Haidt and Lukianoff write, “a new set of ideas on campus [that has] taught students to see oppression and violence wherever they look.”And now back to Barrett’s example of a speaker who is so terrible that he should be kept from speaking—Milo Yiannopoulos.

What happens when a coach dares to put discipline before winning? David Mc. Elroy. What does a coach do when his players talk back to him, ignore his game instructions and can’t be on time for practice? Most coaches today would grumble, but accept it as part of dealing with modern youth. Coach Mike Allen suspended his starting five players instead. Allen took over coaching the boys’ basketball team at Gunderson High School in San Jose last year.

He believes in discipline and respect, but he didn’t find much of those qualities among the players on his team. Instead, he found lousy attitudes and a lack of commitment. He gave the players on the team “two, three, four chances” to correct their shortcomings, but nothing changed.

Allen said the players continued to talk back to him, ignore his instructions during games and “showboat” on the court. So he suspended the starters. Shortly afterwards, the rest of the team confronted him, demanding that he reinstate the suspended players. When he refused, all 1. I refused to win at all costs,” Allen told the San Jose Mercury News. I knew I needed to take a stand or it wasn’t going to be a worthwhile season.”After he lost his entire team, he called up players from the junior varsity team. He’s now playing a varsity schedule with just six underaged and unprepared players.

The team has a 3- 1. In many games, the young players are being blown out. They finished one game with just four players, after two of them fouled out. The school administration has supported Allen, but some parents and students clearly don’t understand what the issues are.

What’s worse, it’s clear that the former players don’t understand what they did wrong. One of the former players complained to the Mercury News that the coach wanted to run the team his way.“We weren’t being that disrespectful,” said former player Eddie Perez. He wants to run the team his way and doesn’t listen to our own opinions.”So he knows the players were being disrespectful, but it wasn’t that disrespectful, huh? How much disrespect is allowed before a coach or adult in a leadership role has to teach kids that respect is required? For his part, Allen believes that attitude is symptomatic of a larger problem today.“These kids nowadays feel they are privileged and have a right,” Allen said, “but they fail to realize what being part of a team is about.”The attitudes the players exhibit seem to be what happens when you send kids through a school system that teaches them more about their own worth than about respect and being held accountable.

It seems as though our society has been moving for decades toward teaching kids that everybody wins, everybody gets his way and that there are no consequences to bad actions. We need more men and women like Allen, not just as coaches, but as parents, teachers and leaders of all sorts. We need adults who love the kids as much as Allen clearly does, but who are dedicated to doing what’s best for them in the long run, not just making them happy for the moment.

That requires learning to face mistakes and deal with consequences.

Clean Dares for Kids Good Funny Dares. Are you looking forward to putting an unusual yet fun spin in your family get together night? Then you are at the right place. Truth or Dare is a perfect game to play with your family and have lots of fun in it. Unlike the usual single board games played, this game will bring hours of laughter, fun, and enjoyment to your table. There is an unlimited number of questions that can be asked and dares that can be given without any repetitions.

But looking for questions and dares that can be played with kids in the truth or dare game can be a little tricky. As you need to find questions and dares that are funny yet clean and safe. So, if you are having a hard time finding good dares for kids, funny dares for kids or clean dares that are appropriate for the kids, we are here to help you with it. We have put our creative brains together and compiled a list of clean dares and good dares for kids. These funny dares for kids are sure to make the kids happy and relaxed. Kids can have some thrill along with a lot of enjoyment by playing all the dares that are listed below. They will definitely have fun playing these dares.

All the dares mentioned here are clean, safe, G rated and kids friendly. Also Read: 1. 00+ Latest Dares for Boys Girls. Funny dares for kids. In a funny voice, sing your favorite.

Wrap yourself in toilet paper. Add “Whoa … that’s good!” for the next 1. Ask your neighbor for toilet paper roll.

Wave and say ‘Hi!’ to everyone you see from your front yard. Moonwalk across the floor. Bite a lemon slice. Pour a cup of ice cold water over your head. Hold an ice cube until it melts in your hand. Write the word “funky monkey” with a lipstick across your face.

Keep it for an hour. Stuff your mouth with marshmallows and sing “twinkle twinkle little star”Eat a spoon full of cumin. Lick your elbow. Crab- walk across the room.

Peel a banana with your feet. Spin around 1. 0 times and then try to walk straight. Try not to laugh as the other kids try their best to make you laugh for a minute. Balance a spoon on your nose for 2. Act like a gorilla and pick bugs from your friend’s hair. Eat a cup of pudding without using your hands. Go out and scream “I believe in fairies” loudly while clapping your hands 3 times.

Sing “I’m a little teapot song” along with the motions. Pretend to be underwater for 1.

Say the alphabet backwards. Repeat this 1. 0 times in a row: ‘Can you can a can as a canner can can a can?’Try to do an impression of your Mom or Dad. Eat a mouthful of crackers and try to whistle. Enact a favorite scene from any random movie. With your head on a bat, spin around 5 times and then jump rope.

Give a big hug to every tree in the yard and tell each one the trees that you love them. Wear lampshade on your head as a hat for 1 hour. Let any person from the group do your makeup like crazy. Keep it for at least 1 hour. Stick jelly between your toes and keep it for 2. Draw a random face on your stomach and go around the room, telling everyone to have a nice day. Do the chicken dance for one minute in your front yard.

Wear socks on your hands, a shirt for pants and pants for a shirt and run around for five minutes. Say the pledge of allegiance in the voice of your most hated teacher. Run down in your neighbor’s lawn wearing your pajamas. Imitate any old man or old lady. Try not to blink for a minute. Hold your breath for 1.

Try to do as many cartwheels or backbend you can in a minute. Try to lick your nose.

Imitate any of your favorite cartoon characters. Act like a monkey or a dog.

Try to make a cat or fish face. Paint your toenails with a crayon. Go out and dance like a cowboy. Make a signboard that says “Dance for me if you think I’m cute!” and go out with it. Pose like your favorite model and do a ramp walk on the sidewalk. Also Read: 1. 00+ Latest Whatsapp Smiley Dares for Couples Girlfriend.

Good dares for kids. Sit on the lap of the person to your left for the next 1.

With both hands on your head, jump on one leg for 2. Go and check the mailbox for any mails. Ask for permission from the entire group before using the bathroom for the rest of the night. Exchange any piece of clothing with the person on your left and wear it for the rest of the game. Whenever someone from the group says “ok”, say “there you are” for next one hour. Take any person from the group on a piggyback ride all across the room.

Go out and to the first person you see, tell that you love them. Let the person on your right do your hair the way they want and keep it for the rest of the game. Circle around every person in the room, each 5 times.

Everything you speak for the next half an hour must be in the tune of “Happy Birthday” song. Smell everyone’s feet in the room and rank them from the worst to best. Walk and dance down the street and sing “Mary had a little lamb”. Eat a teaspoon of soy sauce or hot sauce and don’t drink water after it. Pretend to have a tea party with 3 stuffed animals from the toys. Say “thank you for a lovely time” to the hosts.

Christmas Minute to Win It Games Party Games. Sleepovers. Invitations 3. Fun Minute to Win It Games.

Christmas Holiday theme! Choose your favorite Minute to Win It party games and let the. All the games are fun and challenging at. Great for birthday parties and sleepovers.

Kids, tweens, teens and. All of the games use easy to find items from around the house.

Tip!   If you have more then 6 people at your party. Or divide into teams for the games.    Scoring:   1st place.

Christmas Minute to Win It Games. Brrrr, It’s Cold in Here. Winter clothing, gloves, scarves, Christmas sweater, ski pants, etc. Separate the players into two teams and give each team a Christmas sweater, Santa beard, ski gloves, a scarf, heavy pants, winter jacket or anything else. Try to have one piece of clothing for all of the team members except one. When the game starts.

The team that dresses their player in under one minute wins. Candy and Nuts. Candy Canes and large mechanical metal nuts. Supply each player with a candy cane and large metal mechanical nuts. The players must use their candy cane to stack the six nuts on top of each other (the. You can make this more difficult by requiring the players to complete this. Candy Cane Pick Up. Large wrapped Candy canes.

Give each player a candy cane to put in their mouth, with the curved side pointing down. The players then use their candy cane to pick up other candy canes that are lying on the table.

Once a player has picked up a candy cane, he/she can put it in his/her pile. The player with the most candy canes in his/her pile after one minute wins! Catch a Kiss. Wrapped Hershey’s kisses. Split players into teams of two. Make the players in the teams stand ten feet apart and give one player from each team a small bowl of wrapped holiday.

The player with the kisses must unwrap a kiss and throw it so that his/her partner can catch it in his/her mouth. The team that catches. Caterpillar Wreath. Large Christmas Wreaths. Designate a start and finish line. Break players off into two teams and have them form a line. Supply each team with a big Christmas wreath.

The last. player in the line needs to put the wreath around his/her neck. He/she transfers it to the next persons neck without either of the players using their. The players should continue transferring the wreath and running to the front to become a part of the line until. Christmas Antlers. Pantyhose / balloons (not inflated)Split players into two or three teams and give each team a bag of balloons and a pair of pantyhose. The teams must blow up balloons and stuff them into. When the team feels their pantyhose antlers are complete, one person from the team puts on the pantyhose.

The team with the best antlers. Christmas Songs Redo.

Lyrics to popular Christmas songs, pens, paper. Print out lyrics to popular Christmas songs, such as ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, or ‘Rudolph. Red Nosed Reindeer’, then give each player paper and a pen. The players have one minute to pick a song and rewrite the lyrics.

After the minute. The best rewritten song wins! Gingerbread Man Shuffle. Gingerbread man cookies. Risk Factors That Affect Hearing In Older Adults.

Give each player a gingerbread man cookie to put on their forehead. The first player to get the cookie from his/her forehead to his/her mouth without using. Grab Bag. Rolls of toilet paper, green garland or tinsel. Separate players into teams and supply each team with several rolls of toilet paper and green garland. The players must wrap one of their teammates in the. Christmas tree. The team who uses the most amount of their items in a minute wins. Hang the Candy Cane.

Rope or string, large wrapped candy canes. Tie a rope or string across the room in- between two chairs or other tall objects. Split all of the players into two teams and have them stand on the. When the game starts, each player must pick up a candy cane with his/her mouth, run to the rope, and hang the candy cane on the. The player then runs back so the next person in line can go. The team to hang all of their candy canes on the line and.

Holiday Pie. Whipped cream, red pompom balls. Separate the players into two to four teams and designate one player from each team to be ‘it’. The chosen player gets whipped cream spread. The team members then have one minute to throw as many red pompoms as they can onto the person’s face with the whipped cream. The. team who gets the most pompoms to stick on their team member’s face in one minute wins.

Jingle all the Way. Before the game, take four empty liter soda bottles and rinse them out. Put a large amount of jingle bells into two of the liter bottles, then tape the.

You want the openings of the bottles touching so that the bells can pass from one bottle to the. The players that are able to shake all of the bells down from the full bottles to the empty bottles in under a minute wins! Jingle Bells Junk.

Empty tissue boxes (large), rope or belts, jingle bells. Attach an empty tissue box to the player’s waist using a rope or a belt.

The opening should be facing the back.