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Office of the New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer. Introduction. The subway is the backbone and circulatory system of New York City. It is among the most extensive and well- trafficked subway systems in the world, carrying millions of riders each day to work, to school, to appointments, to cultural events, and to thousands of other activities that could never be sustained without robust mass transit.

It is also among the oldest systems in the world, with much of its critical infrastructure dating back to the early 2. Under pressure from this aging infrastructure and record ridership, subway service has declined dramatically in recent years. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority statistics are clear and indisputable: trains are frequently delayed, platforms are overcrowded, and key infrastructure is being extended beyond its useful life.

The physical underpinnings of the system are beginning to fail. While this declining state of physical repair has been well documented, its effect on people’s lives and livelihoods is too often overlooked. This survey, by New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer, aims to address this gap, providing a real- time snapshot of the personal and material consequences of subway delays.

As the findings make clear, when New Yorkers are left stranded on the subway platform or stuck in a tunnel, they are missing classes and job interviews and doctor’s appointments. They are running late to pick up or drop off their children or care for elderly relatives. They are losing wages and putting their jobs in jeopardy. In short, when subway performance declines, so too does the health, financial security, and quality of life of everyday New Yorkers. Frustration among subway riders is palpable. In this survey of 1,2. June 2. 01. 7—the Comptroller’s Office found the following: Declining subway service has adversely affected the job security, family life, and healthcare of riders.

Among respondents who were employed, subway delays caused 7. An additional 2. 2 percent of respondents were late for a job interview on account of delays and 2 percent said they were fired. Outside of work, 6. Residents of lower income New York City zip codes were fourteen percent more likely to be reprimanded at work on account of subway delays than those from higher income areas, seven percent more likely to be late for a job interview, and four percent more likely to have lost wages.

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Overall, 4. 2 percent of respondents from lower income areas experienced significant delays “Always” or “More than Half the Time,” compared to 3. Disparities in service were also evident at the borough level, with residents outside of Manhattan reporting far worse service.

Sixty- eight percent of Bronx respondents graded subway service a “D” or an “F,” compared to 4. Queens residents, 3.

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Brooklynites, and 2. Manhattan. In the Bronx, 5. Queens residents, 4.

Brooklyn, and 2. 5 percent of Manhattanites. In the face of declining service, more and more subway riders are left to rely on alternate forms of transit. Due to subways delays (or anticipated delays), 5. While on- train announcements are meant to clarify the causes of delays and, where relevant, provide information about alternative routes, many riders do not find them useful. Nearly 8. 5 percent of respondents graded these announcements a “C” or lower. Subway riders are highly attuned to declining service. Forty- six percent of respondents found service was “slightly” or “far” worse than last year—higher than the 3.

Overall, 1. 4 percent of respondents graded subway service an “F,” 2. D,” and 3. 5 percent graded it a “C.”Subway Survey. Survey Methodology.

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From June 1. 3 to June 2. Comptroller’s Office conducted a city- wide survey of subway riders. The survey targeted weekday commuters at 1.

AM and PM rush hour. In total, 1,2. 27 riders completed the nine question survey (see Appendix 1). Ninety- four percent of respondents were from the five boroughs, collectively residing in 1. Within the city, 3.

Brooklyn, 2. 7 percent from Manhattan, 2. Queens, and 1. 4 percent from the Bronx – closely tracking the distribution of subway commuters according to the 5- Year 2. American Community Survey. SURVEY RUNDOWNRespondents: Total – 1,2. Respondents: New York City Residents – 1,1.

Unique Zip Codes of NYC Respondents – 1. Survey Administered – 6: 3.

Weekdays. Subway Stations Canvassed – 1. Across the city, subway riders are dissatisfied with the MTA.

Nearly three- quarters of survey respondents graded service a “C” or lower. One out of seven riders gave the subway a failing grade (see Chart 1).

New Yorkers in every borough and on every subway line are experiencing delays. Over 7. 0 percent of respondents reported significant delays at least half the time they used transit while only one percent never experienced a significant delay (see Chart 2). Declining subway service has adversely affected the professional and personal lives of riders (see Chart 3). Photo Poux Adulte.

Among survey respondents who were employed, subway delays caused 7. Love China Japanese Dating.