Christmas Party Icebreaker Games For Adults

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Christmas Party Icebreaker Games For Adults

The best Christmas party games for Christmas and winter parties. Party Games Icebreaker Games Party Activities Christmas Scavenger Hunt All of these games are easy to. Party Games Tips for Successful Game Leader. Get attention of the group. Stand where everyone can see you. Use the other adults as helpers. Groups will cooperate. A Pink Elephant exchange is fun way to exchange presnts at Christmas. The tackiest present the better in this game.

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  • Christmas Dinner Table Games for Adults. Share a Favorite Holiday Memory. Try this icebreaker game at the dinner table after everyone is finished eating.

Pink elephant gift exchange Party Games Pond. A Pink Elephant exchange is fun way to exchange presnts at Christmas. The tackiest present the better in this game.

Number of participants: 1. Not specified For: adults.

Intensity level: High. Preparations: Set up a place to keep all the presents so that you don't forget one.  Count how many you have and write down numbers on peices of paper.  Add them all in a hat and let each guest choose a number.  Sit back and watch the fun. Equipment: a wrapped present for each guest, paper for numbers, a hat to place the numbers in. This is a game that my family and friends have played for years.  One certain gift has made the rounds every year andhas been  fought over every year. You can play it during Christmas for presents or  for Christmas ornaments.  The object of the Pink Elephant gift exchange is to pick out the ugliest or tackiest  present for about $2. Each guest must bring a wrapped present without a name tag and put them in a pile.  The host will gather them together and count how many they have.  The amount of the presents will let you know how many small peices of paper you will need to write numbers on and place in a hat.  Let each guest choose a number and begin with the guest that has number one and than two and so on. Guest number one will choose a gift and open it.  The second person will choose another gift or has the option to take the present from number one.  If the second person does take the gift from number one, number one can choose another gift to open.  This is when the fun starts!

We usually wont let a present be stolen more than 3 or 4 times. Some gifts that have been bought for the Pink Elephant exchange are golf ball nail clippers, shot glasses for a pool table room, flamingo slippers and even a can of beans.  The only limit is your imagination. Category: Adult party games.

Party Games. Tips for Successful Game Leader. Get attention of the group. Stand where everyone can see you.

Use the other adults as helpers. Groups will cooperate better if they know what is going to happen. Plan your activities to move easily from game to game.

For instance, if everyone is seated, then play two or three "sitting" games. Stop the game before interest lags.

Arrange competing teams so they are equal in strength and skill. Change the activity before the group gets bored. Change the rules to meet the situation.

If there is something missing, improvise. Learn to use whatever materials are available. Treasure Hunt. Divide kids into teams 1through 4 depending on how many are at the party.

Make up clues and scatter them all over the house (and outside, too, if weather permits). Each clue leads to the next and at the end of the trail is a treasure for the team, for example, food, party favors, or prizes. Hint: Color code clues so teams only find their own clues.

Time the hunt and see which team gets done first. String Treasure Hunt. Take colored strings and wind them all over your property, inside and outside. Up the stairs and thenback down. Over and under furniture, beds and chairs. Teams must wind up their roll of string to find the treasure at the end of the roll.

Scavenger Hunts. Scavenger hunts are a lot of fun, there are many variations on the idea. The key to a successful scavenger hunt is to think about who the players will be and make clues and items that will appeal to them. After you decide what type of scavenger hunt you will have, you need to spend some time coming up with a list of items to collect or activities to complete. Here are some fun ideas: Video Scavenger Hunt - Players use video recorders to record themselves doing the silly things on their list. When all the groups get back together, they watch the tapes. Picture Scavenger Hunt - Players use Polaroid® cameras to photograph the crazy things on their list.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - Players go out on foot in your immediate neighborhood to follow the instructions on their list. Mall Scavenger Hunt - Players are set loose in the mall to follow the instructions on their list.(This works well with the camera!)Mail Call. Pretty Birthday Cakes For Adults here. This game is usually played as an icebreaker. Have your group sit in a circle so there are no gaps.

It may be helpful to use chairs if possible.) Someone stands in the center of the circle and says, "Mail Call for everyone who is wearing red." Then all the people who have red on get up and switch chairs with someone else who had red on. Players cannot sit in a chair immediately beside them or in their own chair. The object is for the person in the middle to get a chair before someone else can. It's similar to musical chairs. Note: The person in the middle does not have to be wearing red. Be creative, some other examples you can use are: "Mail Call for everyone who .. The list is endless!

Honey I Love You. Honey I Love You, is another icebreaker that's fun to play.

Your group should be sitting in a circle again with one person in the middle. The person in the middle can go to anyone in the circle and say "Honey I love you, won't you give me a smile?" The person who was asked the question has to answer back "Honey I love you, but I just can't smile" (without smiling.) The person in the middle can do anything to the other person to make them smile except touch them. You have to be the judge as to what you call smiling. Back to Back. Have youth start in groups of two or three people. Have the pair (or trio) sit on the floor back to back. The youth need to bend their knees and link elbows.

On the count of three they try to stand up. It may take a few tries before the group is successful! Next have the individual groups combine to make a larger circle. Combine circles until you have everyone work together to stand at the same time.

Guess What? This is another relay game. Divide the group evenly. Have the first person from each team run across the room to a paper sack (each team has a sack.) In the bag are a bunch of different foods wrapped in tin foil.

Each person has to take a food article and eat it - no matter what it is! Then run back to their team and let the next person go. Some food ideas: candy, liverwurst, pizza, or onions. Warn everyone that they may be in for a surprise!

Check with the youth about food allergies before playing this game. Head to Toe. This is also played as an icebreaker. Have your group split itself into pairs of twos. Have one partner be "A" and one partner be "B." Group "A" forms an inner circle and walks clockwise. Group "B" would make an outer circle walking counter- clockwise. The leader would put some music on and when he turns it off, the group would stop and have to do what he/she says. The leader, when the music is stopped, would then have to put his/her head to his/her partner's toe.

You eliminate couples when they are the last ones to do what you told them to do. Note: Do different things like "nose to knee" and "cheek to cheek."Oranges 1.

Christmas Trivia Games Love. To. Know. Click to download and print the game! A printable trivia game that covers all things Christmas, from popular music and movies to history and traditions, is great to play with the entire family at any gathering. These games provide a fun way to get into the spirit of the season while testing your knowledge of the holiday.

Free Printable Trivia Game To download and print the Christmas trivia questions and answers above, you will need Adobe. If you need help downloading the printable, check out helpful tips.

The answer key is on the second page of the printable, so keep that in mind when you choose which pages to print and the number of copies, to avoid unnecessary printing. Be sure to have a few small prizes, such as Christmas ornaments or homemade cookies, on hand for the winner! Holiday Trivia for Adults Online games and trivia questions are fun to do by yourself or with another person and printable ones make parties festive. Online Options Play trivia games or answer questions online to increase your holiday knowledge. River. Songs has a list of 7. Christmas trivia questions covering everything from history to music and Christmas gift traditions.

Hoover your mouse over the A to find out the answer. Merry- Christmas. Christmas customs from around the world in a 1. Get the answer right and get a gift; get the answer wrong and get coal. Christmas Decorations and Gifts Store has an assortment of trivia questions that test your knowledge of the history of Christmas. Brownie Locks has questions focusing on popular Christmas carols. To find out the answer, run your cursor over the "fa" and "la" notes.

Surfnetkids. com, Inc. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Bible. Quizzes. org.

Christmas celebration; don't forget to enter a name or you won't be able to get your score. Info. Barrel offers trivia questions for adults that cover general Christmas topics. Answers are all found below the original questions.

Buzzle features a Christmas trivia game that is a nice mix of easy and difficult questions on a variety of topics from movies and songs to history. Click "Show Answer" to find out if your guess is correct.

Trivia questions about events surrounding the birth of Jesus are covered in a game by Wordwise- Bible- Studies. Printable Games Print games to play at a large party from these websites: Reindeer Land has nine different printable games listed in their selection of games; you may have to search a bit to find the red underlined link to the printable pages with questions and answers. Most questions have a high level of difficulty. There's a kids' printable and an interactive game as well. Trivia Champ offers a slew of trivia games for adults that you can print or play online. Select from the Flash, HTML, and PDF printable game options.

Topics include Christmas food, Christmas music, Christmas television and movies, and general Christmas topics. Kids' games are also available on this website. Christmas. Trivia. Christmas movie and television shows. It also has a game about the iconic movie A Christmas Story. Trivia Games for Kids Since trivia questions intended for adults can be too difficult for kids to answer correctly, visit the following websites with trivia appropriate for children: Email.

Santa has an easy five question trivia game for young children to enjoy. Braingle has 1. 2 trivia questions covering popular children's Christmas songs. Kid. Printables. com features trivia questions for older kids. However, since some of the questions may require research, this activity may be best for school parties. Fun. Trivia has a Christmas Bible gameto help children learn more about the religious significance of the Christmas season.

Choose the timed game, untimed game, or the HTML version. Celebrations has printable trivia games that cover general topics and holiday movies. The questions are appropriate for kids of all ages. Free- for- kids. com offers a Christmas trivia game with challenging questions for older kids as a fill- in- the- blank questionnaire; make it easier by offer the multiple choice version to younger children. Some topics covered are Christmas customs, history, music, and movies.

Knowalot. org offers three Christmas trivia games for kids of all ages. Subjects covered range from the birth of Jesus and Bible trivia to Christmas carols and traditions. Xmas Fun features fourteen trivia game questions for kids of all ages at varying levels of difficulty on Christmas movies, television shows, songs, and traditions. The "Santa Trivia" game is appropriate for very young children. Make Memories Playing Christmas trivia games is a great way to make memories with your family and friends.

They are a great icebreaker for holiday parties or a time filler before dinner or while waiting to open presents. This year, start a new tradition by incorporating a trivia game or two into your Christmas routine.