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Gospel of Saint Luke. Please help support the mission of New Advent and get the full contents of this website as an instant download. Includes the Catholic. In order to break the cycle of poverty, we must first start with the heart. Catholic Online School is something very special, providing FREE Catholic Education to. Find look up and search The Catholic Directory for Catholic Church Mass Times Diocese Schools Ministry Clergy Priest Nuns Directions Maps Bulletin Schedule Knights of. Catholic bloggers may also be interested in joining St. Blog's Parish Directory. Contact the owner directly with questions or comments.

Maryland - Encyclopedia Volume - Catholic Encyclopedia. Mâ 1(MATISCONENSIS). Located in Burgundy. The city of Mâcon, formerly the capital of the ..× Close. Mé 6. Writer, b. at Tarrascon, 1. Sept., 1. 70. 6; d. Paris, 1 Oct., 1.

When he had completed his .. Of the Congregation of St. Maur, b. in Paris, 1.

Jan., 1. 64. 4. His father was was private .. Missionary, b. at Paris, 1. August, 1. 66. 1, in what is now Wisconsin.

After the .. Vicariate Apostolic established by Leo XIII on 3 February, 1. EMERITENSIS IN INDIIS). A suffragan see of Santiago of Venezuela or Caracas, comprises the ..

A Belgian prelate and statesman, born at Brussels, 1. Rome, 1. 87. 4. The son of ..× Close. Mè 1. A Maurist Benedictine, born in 1. Clermont ; died 1. April, 1. 69. 1, at the monastery of St. Close. Mö 1. Theologian, b. Igersheim (Würtemberg), 6 April, 1.

Munich, 1. 2 April, 1. The ..× Close. Mü 9.

An historian, born at Gresten, Austria, 4 Oct., 1. Vienna, 1. 7 July, 1. He received .. Publicist and political economist , convert, b. Berlin, 3. 0 June, 1. Vienna, 1. 7 Jan., .. Physiologist and comparative anatomist, b.

Coblenz, 1. 4 July, 1. Berlin, 2. 8 April, ..(Regiomontanus). German astronomer, b. Königsberg, a small town in lower .. Professor at Düsseldorf, b. Darmstadt, 2. 9 Oct., 1.

Neuenahr, 1. 5 Aug., 1. Pseudonym: FRIEDRICH HALM). An Austrian dramatist, born at Cracow, 2 April, 1. D IOCESE OF M ÜNSTER (M ONASTERIENSIS ). Diocese in the Prussian Province of .. The town of Münster in Westphalia obtained its university in 1.

French savant and historian; b. Soulz- sous- -Forêts, near Mülhausen, Alsace, 1. Close. Ma 4. 64. Professor of law, born 2. September, 1. 82. Wismar (Mecklenburg); died 9 April, 1. Benedictine monk of the Congregation of Saint- Maur, born at Saint- Pierremont between Mouzon and ..

A collection of medieval Welsh tales in prose. The word is a derivation of the mab , "son", ..(MACAOENSIS). Diocese ; suffragan of Goa, founded 2. January, 1. 57. 5, by the Bull "Super .. The name of two celebrated contemporary Nitrian monks of the fourth century. Macarius the .. A Christian apologist of the end of the fourth century.

Some authorities regard the words .. A Patriarch, deposed in 6. Macarius's dignity seems to have been a purely honorary one, for ..

Bishop of Jerusalem (3. The date of Macarius's accession to the episcopate is found in ..

Third son of the priest Mathathias who with his family was the centre and soul of the ..(Greek Hoi Makkabaioi ; Latin Machabei ; most probably from Aramaic maqqaba ="hammer"). The title of four books, of which the first and second only are regarded by the Church as ..(Cavellus). Archbishop and theologian, born at Saul, Co. Down, 1. 57. 1; died 2. September, 1. 62.

He .. Irish scholar and chronologist, b. Conna, Ballynoe, Co. Cork, 1. 2 Dec., 1. Well- known Irish poet of the nineteenth century, born in Lower O'Connell Street, Dublin, 2.

Called the Abbé de Lévignac, born in Dublin on 1. May, 1. 76. 9; died at Annécy, ..(8. An Irish bishop and King of Cashel, Cormac Mac. Cquilenan was of the race of ..

Laird of Glenaladale and Glenfinnan, philanthropist, colonizer, soldier, born in Glenaladale, .. First Bishop of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, b. July 1. 76. 0, at Inchlaggan in Glengarry, ..(1) A short, richly ornamented staff, often made of silver, the upper part furnished with a knob .. Known as a S. Augustino, O. F. M., theologian, born at Coimbra, Portugal, 1. Macedonians). A heretical sect which flourished in the countries adjacent to the Hellespont ..

Located in the Marches, Central Italy. Macerata is a provincial capital, situated on a hill, .. Third Bishop of Hartford born at Franklin, Pennsylvania, 1. April, 1. 81. 9; died at Hartford, .. Born at Uisneach, Westmeath, Ireland, 1.

Paris, 1. 76. 3. He came of a long family long ..(Greek Hoi Makkabaioi ; Latin Machabei ; most probably from Aramaic maqqaba ="hammer"). The title of four books, of which the first and second only are regarded by the Church as .. Third son of the priest Mathathias who with his family was the centre and soul of the .. Born March 6, 1. 79. Tubbernavine, Co.

Mayo, Ireland ; died at Tuam, November 4, 1. He .. Historian and statesman, b. Florence, 3 May, 1. June, 1. 52. 7. His family is .. The burial- place in the vicinity of ancient Hebron which Abraham bought from Ephron the Hethite ..(Maclovius; Malo).

Born about the year 5. Wales and baptized by St. Brendan . .. This vicariate which was detached from the Athabaska- Mackenzie Vicariate in 1. Maclovius; Malo).

Born about the year 5. Wales and baptized by St. Brendan . ..( Also EMER or EVER). Bishop of Clogher, Ireland, and patriotic leader, born at Farney, .. Duc de Magenta, Marshal of France, President of the French Republic; born at Sully, ..

Distinguished Irish- American physician and medical educator, b. Ballynahowna, near Aughrim, ..(or MACRAS?). A titular see in Mauretania Sitifiensis. This town figures only in the "Notitia .. Our knowledge of the life of the elder Macrina is derived mainly from the testimony of the .. Born about 3. 30; died 3.

Patron Saints: A - Saints & Angels. Abingdon, England. College Degree Working Adults. Edmund Rich of Abingdon. Acadians, Cajuns.

Our Lady of the Assumption. Advocates. Ivo of Kermartin. Africa, North. Cyprian of Carthage. Air crew. Our Lady of Loreto. Air crew, Belgian. Our Lady of Loreto.

Air crew, Spanish. Our Lady of Loreto. Air force, Argentinian. Our Lady of Loreto.

Alabama USA. Our Lady of the Gulf. Alaska USA. Our Lady of the Kodiak and the Islands.

Albania. Mary, Mother of Good Counsel. Alcala, Spain. Justus and Pastor. Alcira, Valencia, Spain. Alessandro, Italy. Alezio, Italy. Our Lady of the Assumption.

Algeria. Cyprian of Carthage. Andorran security forces. Our Lady Help of Christians.

Animals, danger from. Animals, domestic. Antony the Abbot.

Aosta, Italy. Gratus of Aosta. Arabia. Our Lady of Arabia. Archdiocese of Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Archdiocese of Tuam, Ireland. Architects, Italian.

Benedict, Abbot. Architects, Spanish. Our Lady of Bethlehem. Argentina. Our Lady of Lujan. Argentinian military chaplains. Our Lady of Lujan. Arizona. Our Lady of the Highways. Arkansas. Our Lady of the Holy Souls.

Armenia. Bartholomew, Gregory the Illuminator. Arms dealers. Adrian of Nicomedia. Army of the Andes. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Army, Argentinian. Our Lady of Mercy.

Army, Ecuadorian. Our Lady of Mercy. Ascoli Piceno, Italy. Asylums (for the mentally ill).

Australia. Our Lady Help of Christians. Australian military chaplains. Our Lady Help of Christians. Avenay, Champagne, France. Tressan of Mareuil. Avignon. Agricola of Avignon, Benezet.

Adelaide, Agostina Pietrantoni, Fabiola, Germaine Cousin, Godelieve, Jeanne de Lestonnac, Jeanne Marie de Maille, John Baptist de la Salle, Laura Vicuna, Margaret the Barefooted. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Immaculate Conception of Mary. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Chicago, Illinois, USA. Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Denver, Colorado, USA. Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Miami, Florida. Our Lady of Charity, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Our Lady of Prompt Succor.

New York, New York, USA. Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Portland, Oregon, USA. Immaculate Conception of Mary. Seattle, Washington, USA.

Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Immaculate Conception, Holy Angels. Jalisco, Mexico. Our Lady of ZapopanWhat is a patron saint? Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes - - anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century. Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well. Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area.

Angels can also be named as patron saints. A patron saint can help us when we follow the example of that saint's life and when we ask for that saint's intercessory prayers to God. For example, Francis of Assisi loved nature and so he is patron of ecologists. Francis de Sales was a writer and so he is patron of journalists and writers. Clare of Assisi was named patron of television because one Christmas when she was too ill to leave her bed she saw and heard Christmas Mass - - even though it was taking place miles away.

More Saints. Saint Feast Days by Month. Browse Saints by Category. Saint Veronica is known as the woman who offered a cloth to Jesus so He could wipe His face on the way to His crucifixion. The cloth is believed to exist today in the Vatican and is .. Saint Josephine Margaret Bakhita was born around 1. Olgossa in the Darfur region of Sudan.

She was a member of the Daju people and her uncle was a tribal chief. Due to .. continue reading. St. Genevieve was a fair and courageous peasant girl who was born around 4. Nanterre, France, to a man named Severus and a woman named Gerontia. When Genevieve was only ..

All Popular Saints. Marguerite had survived many threats in the twenty- six years she had been in wilderness of Canada. She had lived through Iroquois attacks, a fire that destroyed her small village, plagues on the .. More Saint of the Day  Ansgar was born of a noble family near Amiens. He became a monk at Old Corbie monastery in Picardy and later at New Corbie in Westphalia. He accompanied King Harold to Denmark when the exiled King returned to his native land and engaged in missionary work there.

Two Greek philosophers ventured out into the Egyptian desert to the mountain where Anthony lived. When they got there, Anthony asked them why they had come to talk to such a foolish man?

He had reason to say that - - they saw before them a man who wore a skin, who ..

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