Business Meeting Etiquette

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ChinaSavvy offer these Chinese business etiquette tips and advice to help you in business negotiations and to be a success in China. · Your personal brand is everything and when you're in a business setting, the rules are slightly changed. You need to know these essential business etiquette. Use business meetings to display your etiquette skills and as an opportunity to further succeed. Whether you are meeting with your team, the entire staff, a client, a. · This is a guest post by Stephen Flowers, president of global freight forwarding at UPS. A native of Canada, Flowers has worked for UPS since 1981, and his.

Business Meeting Etiquette

American Business Etiquette – US Business Etiquette — Etiquette Guide. In the United States business is conducted at the speed of light!

· Work meetings aren't always fun. However, when you're required to attend one, it's important that you conduct yourself in a respectful and professional.

Being one of the largest economies of the world, its business practices are generally very well respected. But when going to the United States, remember that the Americans like to be efficient and quick with their work. So what should you expect on the first meeting with a potential client? A corporate gift. Product specs and a final contract.

Rounds and rounds of drinks before getting to business! Yup, number 3 isn’t even a remote option when conducting business in US. American business etiquette dictates that gift giving in business context doesn’t happen until the deal is closed, especially between men!

Although there aren’t any taboos about gift giving, gifts from your local country or culture are always appreciated. So yes number 2 is the correct answer. American business people are so eager and quick that expect many sales reps to travel with a final contract just in case! Business talk is started after a very small exchange of words. In short, Americans like to get down to business! So, American business etiquettes say that punctuality is a must.

The bad thing is that in major American cities traffic delays are normal. So when leaving for an appointment, make haste! If you have been invited to a dinner, being on time is very crucial to your image.

Some more points to keep in consideration: * Keep at least an arms length distance when conversing.* Business is usually conducted on a more direct, first name basis.* Americans smile a lot, even at strangers. They appreciate it if their smiles are returned.* Eye contact is important when shaking someone’s hand.

But keep a firm grip!* “See you later” is just an expression. People say this even if they never plan to see you again.* Americans prefer directness in communication. Yes means yes and No means no!

But all this informality doesn’t mean you forget your manners! Disney Princess Dresses For Adults For Sale. Words like “thank you”, “please”, “excuse me” should be used regularly. A word of caution: American business etiquette requires that American women be treated no differently than men.

American women don’t appreciate the gender- related “special help” that most Asian and Middle Eastern men usually find OK. So, whenever going to lunch, keep in mind that whoever invites pays!

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Business meeting etiquette in Germany: negotiation process and planning. Meetings come in all shapes and sizes, and are more important than ever in business today. There are everyday office meetings, board meetings, and seminars.

Meetings can now be conducted in a plethora of ways: face- to- face, by teleconference, video- conference, or online via the Internet. Meetings are a common feature of corporate life in Germany. The contents of the meeting and the appropriate negotiation strategies should take into account the cultural habits and customs of the country.

The appropriate steps should be taken in preparing an agenda and it is advisable to circulate agendas in advance to ensure everyone is prepared. Ensure that the facilities that you require for the business meeting are available and ready to use. Presentations should be well prepared, comprehensive, clear, well written, and informative and should be presented in a formal, rational, professional manner – appealing always to the intellect of business people in Germany.

The following sections deal with the various stages of a business meeting and examine the issues of cultural sensitivity in this area. For further information please visit: Importance of Business Meeting.

Meetings are taken seriously in Germany and may go into considerable detail. Business meetings follow a formal procedure.

German managers work from precise and detailed agendas, which are usually followed rigorously; moreover, meetings always aim for decisive outcomes and results, rather than providing a forum for open and general discussion. The formality of a meeting may make it difficult for an outsider to assess how things are going, but a lengthy examination of a proposal will indicate serious intent. In German business dealings, it is important to provide solid facts and examples to back up proposals, given the German preference for analytical thinking and rational explanations. Do not use exaggerated or indirect communication styles during business meetings with your German counterparts as this will be viewed with suspicion. German business culture has a well- defined and strictly observed hierarchy, with clear responsibilities and distinctions between roles and departments.

In formal German business meetings, it is customary for the highest- ranking person to enter the room first. However, in more informal business situations this is less important. Contacts are vital to a business’s success in Germany.

Use a bank, German representative or the “Industrie- und Handelskammer” (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) whenever possible. Business Meeting planning.

When setting up a meeting with your German counterparts, there are a number of matters to consider in order to ensure the most advantageous outcome from your negotiations. Think about the following before your process begins: Appointments in Germany are mandatory and meetings in German companies are generally scheduled well in advance.

It is advisable that you make appointments a few weeks beforehand by telephone or fax. Allow up to four weeks to make appointments if using the mail. Brief preliminary meetings may sometimes be arranged at short notice. Try to avoid business meetings in the months of July and August or around the times of national holidays. The planning process is often very time consuming.

However, once this is over, a project will move very quickly and deadlines are expected to be honoured. Letters should be addressed to the lead person in the functional area, including the person’s name as well as their proper business title. Rank is very important in German business.

Never set up a meeting for a lower ranked company employee to meet with a higher ranked person. If you write to schedule an appointment, the letter should be written in German. Expeditious handling of correspondence is mandatory. Telephone calls and faxes should be returned promptly. Although German is the preferred business language, most upper level managers are quite capable of carrying on a conversation in English.

Punctuality is taken extremely seriously. If you expect to be delayed, telephone immediately and offer an explanation. It is extremely rude to cancel a meeting at the last minute and it could jeopardise your business relationship. Meetings are generally formal and initial meetings are used for the parties to get to know each other. They allow your German colleagues to determine if you are trustworthy. Participants must arrive punctually and dress up rather than down for the occasion.

As with most European countries, meetings etiquette in Germany relies on professionalism, good business sense and formality. Bearing the above in mind, together with a positive attitude will ensure good results.

Negotiation process. When entering into business negotiations with German business people, there are a number of important points that you should be aware of in order to ensure a positive outcome from negotiations. Germans are competitive, ambitious and hard bargainers.

Download: 1. 0 Etiquette Tips for Business Meetings. Use business meetings to display your etiquette skills and as an opportunity to further succeed. Whether you are meeting with your team, the entire staff, a client, a buyer, or a supplier, how you present yourself in a business setting can go a long way in how you are perceived by others. How they perceive you may be the key to success—or not. Consider each meeting an opportunity to showcase your talent, knowledge, and professionalism. Here are 1. 0 important guidelines on etiquette when attending business meetings: 1. Etiquette Tips for Business Meetings [download]Be on time.

Even better, be five minutes early so you can find your seat and get situated. Being ready on time shows respect for others’ time and avoids having to start out with anapology for being late. Bring your business cards. Offer your business card as you introduce yourself or areintroduced to other participants.

Treat cards that are given to you with respect—read the cardwhen it is given to you and then put it away carefully in a card holder (never slip it into yourback pocket where you will then sit on it). Tip: Place cards from others on the table in front ofyou so you can easily be reminded of peoples’ names. Be prepared. The organizer of the meeting should have a set agenda that is shared well inadvance. Participants should come prepared by familiarizing themselves with the objectives ofthe meeting and by having all assignments complete.

Silence your smartphone. This includes tucking it away out of sight. Lights andvibrations can be distracting to everyone around you. Have a positive attitude. Don’t kick off your shoes and slouch back—meetings are notrecess. Show respect by being professional, attentive, and engaged.

A positive attitude startswith positive body language—sit up, look others in the eye, and smile. Be a good listener and active participant. Be courteous and listen when others arespeaking, but also be sure to be an active participant so you can have a productive meeting. Don’t eat during meetings. Be sure to eat your meal or snack prior to entering ameeting unless the entire group is eating. Avoid nervous habits.

Don’t distract others by mindlessly tapping a pen or drummingyour fingers on the table, rustling papers, or tapping your feet on the floor. These actions makeyou appear nervous or bored, neither of which are good for your image. Follow through on your assigned action items.

Just as it is important to arriveprepared, be sure to complete any assignments going forward. The all- important thank you: Meeting with co- workers: Thank the organizer…even something as brief as “Great meeting. Thank you for getting us together” will be appreciated. Meeting with a client or prospect: Here’s an opportunity to build the relationship thatshouldn’t be missed. Write a note to thank them for their time and, if applicable, theopportunity to meet.

Click the link to download this list: 1. Guidelines- for- Meetings. At Emily Post, we don’t teach rules or preach protocol. We guide you in making an amazing impression over and over again that helps build better, stronger relationships that win business. To learn more about our seminars and E- Learning programs, call Steven Puettner at 8.