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Country of origin. United States. No. Release. Original network. The CWOriginal release. September 2. 8, 2. May 1. 7, 2. 00. 7 (2. Season chronology.

List of Supernatural episodes. The second season of Supernatural, an American fantasyhorrortelevision series created by Eric Kripke, premiered on September 2. May 1. 7, 2. 00. 7, airing 2. The season focuses on protagonists Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) as they track down Azazel, the demon responsible for the deaths of their mother Mary and father John.

Best Supernatural Books For Adults

In my late teens I began to have questions about the beliefs and practices of the small Fundamentalist Bible chapel—co-founded by my parents—I had attended most. Tourettes And Rage In Adults. Our list of the best books of 2017 features fiction you don't want to miss, including thrillers, historical fiction, literary fiction, romance, and more.

They attempt to discover the demon's plan for Sam and other psychic children—young adults who were visited by Azazel as infants and given abilities, and whose mothers often then died in a fire. During their travels, they use their father's journal to help them carry on the family business—saving people and hunting supernatural creatures. The season aired on Thursdays at 9: 0. ET in the United States,[1] and was the first season to air on The CW television network, a joint venture of The WB and UPN. The previous season was broadcast on The WB.[2] It averaged only about 3. American viewers, and was in danger of not being renewed. The cast and crew garnered many award nominations, but the episodes received mixed reviews from critics.

While both the brotherly chemistry between the lead actors and the decision to finish the main storyline were praised, the formulaic structure of the episodes was criticized. The season was internationally syndicated, airing in the United Kingdom on ITV,[3] in Canada on Citytv and SPACE,[4][5] and in Australia on Network Ten.[6] It was released on DVD as a six- disc box set September 1. Warner Home Video in Region 1. Although the season was split into two separate releases in Region 2, the complete set was released October 2. Region 4 October 3, 2. The episodes are also available through digital retailers such as Apple's i. Tunes Store,[7] Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace,[8] and Amazon.

TV service.[9]Starring[edit]Special guest star[edit]Guest stars[edit]Episodes[edit]In this table, the number in the first column refers to the episode's number within the entire series, whereas the number in the second column indicates the episode's number within this particular season. U. S. viewers in millions" refers to how many Americans watched the episode live or on the day of broadcast. Production[edit]Casting[edit]The writers used the second season to expand upon the concept of hunters, resulting in the introduction of many recurring characters through the hunter- frequented saloon—Harvelle's Roadhouse.[3. Samantha Ferris portrayed Ellen Harvelle, proprietor of the Roadhouse and an old friend of John Winchester, while Alona Tal played Ellen's daughter Jo. This pair complemented the father- son relationship of the Winchesters in the first year.[3. Ferris believes she was exactly what the producers were looking for: a "tough, strong, yet a little maternal actor".[3.

For the picks, we used the Best Books of the Decade from Goodreads, 2000 through 20 through 2019 as they were at the time of writing, and our picks hovered. The very first job interview I ever went to was for a position at the Taco Bell down the street from my high school. When the manager asked me why I wanted the job, I. Symptoms Of Large Bowel Obstruction In Adults. In researching this exceedingly difficult assignment, we went first to our in-house library – a twenty-five year archive – and compiled a list of titles selected. Welcome to the next generation of immersive, interactive fan events: Creation Entertainment's Official Supernatural Convention: The Giving Back Tour!

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Tal's character, on the other hand, was an intended love interest for Dean, and was eventually phased out because she came off as more of a sister figure.[3. Chad Lindberg portrayed the genius Ash, who uses his vast computer skills to track the paranormal. Because the writers felt the character's "comical" and "wacky" personality was too unrealistic for the show, he was also removed by the finale.[3.

Other characters returned from the first year. Actor Jim Beaver made multiple appearances as hunter Bobby Singer, an old family friend of the Winchesters. Beaver had expected his first- season guest appearance in "Devil's Trap" to be a "one- shot deal", and was surprised when he was asked to return.[3. Adrianne Palicki reprised her role as Sam's deceased girlfriend Jessica in the alternate- reality episode "What Is and What Should Never Be", as did Samantha Smith as Mary Winchester.

Smith also made an appearance in a flashback in the penultimate episode, "All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One". And though at first reluctant because of his role on Grey's Anatomy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan returned as John Winchester in the season premiere and finale.[3. However, the character dies in the premiere because the writers worried that having him separated from his sons again—Sam and Dean spend much of the first season tracking him down—would "split the show" by having him away "doing more interesting things than the boys are doing".[3.

As a demon, the villain Azazel periodically switches hosts, and was first fully portrayed by Morgan in the first- season finale. The reins passed to Fredric Lehne for the second- season premiere, and the show's producers enjoyed his performance so much they brought him back for the two- part finale.[4. Many factors went into the casting decisions of the season's guest stars. Linda Blair, famous for her role in the horror film The Exorcist, appeared in the episode "The Usual Suspects".

Best Dystopian Books. We may or may not be living in a dystopian age, but we are certainly living in an age of dystopias. At every turn in a bookstore aisle, you’re increasingly likely to stumble across a vision of our world, through the looking glass. You’ll find the classics — your Orwells, Huxleys, and Atwoods — but you’ll also find a rising crop of new entries into the dystopian canon, from younger authors with fresher concerns about what, precisely, could spell our doom. They don’t just appear in the sci- fi section, either — dystopian fiction is firmly ensconced in book- club- ready literary circles, as well.

It’s fashionable to be pessimistic. It’s in this spirit that we assembled a group of readers to put together a list of some of the greatest works of dystopian literature, as part of Vulture’s Dark Futures week. We received guidance from Jenny C. Mann and Ursula K. Heise, professors of English at Cornell and UCLA, respectively, both of whom study dystopian literature, and limited our selections to books with some connection to Earth. Beyond that, the sky was the limit. There are some familiar faces, but we also wanted to pluck from unexpected corners: You’ll find literary fiction, young- adult works, graphic novels, realist tomes, some books written long ago, and others published in just the last few years.

We skew toward the recent, as the term wasn’t even invented until the 1. That said, we’ve done our best to also put the spotlight on works from throughout literary history and pay homage to the early influencers.

Heise cites Jean- Baptiste Cousin de Grainville’s The Last Man (1. Mann points to the utopian works that have informed many of the books on our list — together, Thomas More’s Utopia (1.

William Shakespeare’s The Tempest (ca. Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels (1.

Mann sums up as: “The creation of alternate societies through the negation of despised aspects of the real world, the use of social engineering to make people ‘good,’ the difficulty of distinguishing between the civilized and the barbarous, the use of frame stories that pretend as if the document you are reading ‘really happened,’ the confusion of reality/fiction and truth/lies, the purpose of technology in a perfect society, and the question of who counts as ‘human.’” These books are all part of the same wary family and, taken as a whole, they provide a look not just at the power of a literary mode, but what we fear we are capable of. In our collective abridged accounts of Gulliver, we tend to remember the tiny people, and then the big people, and maybe the smart horses. But it’s a messier and stranger novel than you may recall from high school. After finally discovering what he thinks is a peaceful, reasonable civilization, Gulliver returns to England. He’s spent too much time in a utopia, and now he can’t tolerate the company of people.

Far from a pat conclusion about humanity, Gulliver’s story ends in confident, uncomfortable ambiguity — is England the real nightmare, or is Gulliver a fool? Unlike so many of the dystopias that follow in Gulliver’s wake, there’s no hopeful gesture toward a better future. There’s just anger, misanthropy, and conversations with horses. Kathryn Van. Arendonk.

The Last Man is a very early example of one of the most familiar, well- worn arcs in later dystopian imaginings: A plague arrives and wipes out all of mankind except for one lonely survivor. Today, we expect that as the opening storytelling salvo. Everyone died … now what?”) For Shelley, the events prophesied by the book’s title take the entire novel to come about, and it’s only at the end that we’re left with Lionel Verney, coping with his fate as the last person alive. Until that ending, it’s an expansive, mixed, far- reaching novel, full of love and war and shades of biography, both globally apocalyptic and highly personal. KALike many dystopian writers, Butler takes a contemporary idea about how the world works and extends it to a logical extreme. For Butler, writing in the late- 1.

Darwinian. His protagonist stumbles upon a previously undiscovered land that implements natural selection as social policing: Illness and physical maladies are considered criminal and result in severe punishment and isolation, while crimes of amorality are treated as pitiable, temporary ailments. That alone makes Butler’s novel an important indictment of human cruelty, but Erewhon is most fascinating for Butler’s pioneering idea that machines might one day wake up. There is no security,” Butler wrote, “against the ultimate development of mechanical consciousness …” Move over Asmiov, Butler got there first. KAIt’s strange that Wells’s The Time Machine hasn’t featured more prominently in the discourse about our times. The book’s anonymous Time Traveler makes his way from Wells’s 1. A. D., where he encounters a civilization starkly divided between the childlike, hedonistic Eloi and the apelike, cavern- dwelling Moorlocks.

The Best New Summer Books of 2. Buy It: $1. 5. 0. Looking for a fantasy novel steeped in romance like Twilight or Beautiful Creatures?

Cassandra Clare delivered drama, supernatural intrigue and romance aplenty with her incredibly popular Mortal Instruments series, and now she’s ready to start it all up again. The first title in this new series, Lady Midnight, is already a bestseller, and its sequel, The Lord of Shadows, publishes May 2.