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Work with audio in Connect meetings. Work with audio in Adobe Connect meetings. Create audio conferences, integrate audio providers, enable universal voice, and manage in- meeting audio for all participants. Adobe Connect supports the following solutions for adding audio to meetings and training sessions. Contact your administrator to find out which audio conferencing options are available for your account. Built- in Vo. IPAdobe Connect can broadcast audio in a meeting room using Vo.

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IP. The attendees use the microphones and speakers on their computer systems to communicate. Universal Voice audio providers. Universal Voice (UV) audio providers enable Adobe Connect to broadcast all telephone- based audio into an Adobe Connect meeting room over Vo. IP. Both, account administrators and Meeting Hosts can configure the audio conferencing providers for Universal Voice. See Using universal voice. Integrated telephony adaptors without universal.

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These adaptors, which are extensions to Adobe Connect, provide communication between Adobe Connect and specific audio conferencing providers. Integrated adaptors have advanced call capabilities, allowing hosts to control the audio conference from the meeting. Adobe provides several integrated telephony adaptors for hosted installations. For example, Meeting. One, Arkadin, PGi, and Inter.

Call are integrated telephony adaptors. Integrated adaptors in licensed installations can also be configured for universal voice.

See Using integrated adaptors. The following table compares the universal voice and integrated telephony solutions. Universal Voice Audio Provider. Integrated Telephony Adaptor.

Broadcast audio in Adobe Connect over Vo. IPYes/No. Yes, if enabled for universal voice. Enhanced call control. For example, mute, hold, and so on. No. Yes. Record audio with Adobe Connect Meeting. Yes, if UV is available, else No. Yes. Requires Adobe Media Gateway (bundled with the Adobe Connect installer)Yes.

No. Hosts. have several options for dialing out to include participants in. You can dial out to a registered participant. To include an unregistered participant in. Note: Status icons do not appear for user- configured audio providers. Note: Some audio conference providers do not support the On Hold.

An audio profile is. Dossier Les Psychoses De L Adulte. You use audio profiles whenever you use an audio provider with Adobe Connect. Meeting. Audio providers are companies that offer audio. Adobe Connect. For more information.

Audio. conferencing options. Adobe recommends. Adobe recommends. Creating an Audio Profile in Adobe Connect. Adobe Systems Inc. All audio profiles include the audio provider and profile name.

The remaining information includes numbers and access codes that hosts provide for meetings. The text boxes that appear for entering this information depend on the provider. For integrated providers, the requested information comes from their configuration code.

For universal voice providers, the requested information comes from host- defined steps in the dialing sequence. See Define a dialing sequence. Meeting hosts, limited administrators, and administrators can create audio profiles. Note: You can ensure that the audio conference settings and other profile information successfully start an audio conference. Run the test on the Enter Provider Information page (Administration > Audio Providers or My Profile > My Audio Providers, select a provider, and click Edit). See Test a dialing sequence. In Adobe Connect Central, click My Profile >.

My Audio Profiles. Select an audio provider and name the profile. Provider. Audio providers configured for universal voice by an account administrator. Selecting a provider binds the audio profile to the information.

Profile Name. A unique name that represents something meaningful to you, such. If. the account administrator or host included a URL for the provider. Profile Information window. This URL can link.

Fill in the remaining information and click Save. Saving. the profile automatically enables it for use. You can change the. Profile Information. New Audio Profile window with provider- specific fields. Note: To enable or disable an existing audio profile.

My Audio Profiles, click Edit, change the Profile Status. Save. For Arkadin audio provider, enter the SIP access number. Arkadin. If the SIP access number is not provided. Toll free access number, from the SIP. Lucy And Ethel Costumes For Adults.

You can change the profile. You cannot. change the audio provider. You specify a provider only when you create. In Adobe Connect, click My Profile > My Audio.

Profiles. Select a profile and click Edit. Change the profile name or status and click Save. To delete an audio profile, select it and click Delete. When you associate an audio profile with a meeting, you. Do one of the following: Create a meeting.

Meetings >. New Meeting). Open an existing meeting and click the Edit Information tab. In the Audio Conference Settings section, select Include. This Audio Conference With This Meeting. Select the profile from.

Save. All the profiles you created appear.

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