At What Age Can Juveniles Be Tried As Adults In Georgia

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Turpentine Health Benefits. General Feedback. Stomach Pain Remedies For Adults. Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa) on 0.

HI U GOOD PEOPLE DOIN, , , , , , , Spent several days on the computer searching for kerosene that can be ingested. Found the 1. 00 % Gum Sperit Turpentine for my Candida treatment and while on that trek, I ran across lots of articles about kerosene to cure cancer.

At What Age Can Juveniles Be Tried As Adults In Georgia

Can anyone shed any light on that kind of kerosene. I have keorsene lanterns, heaters and always have industrial kerosene on hand. Our early ancestors used both to stay healthy. I remember my Granddad used Coal Oil for a poisonous snake bite.

He lived to be 8. Appreciate any input you may have on both oils. RH=========. Replied by Timh Louisville, Ky, Usa 0.

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Posted by Susan (New York) on 0. Bill from San Fernando, as usual your postings always educational.

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Below is the link from UK on turpentine. Posted by Bill (San Fernando, Philippines) on 0. Due to my difficult experience with trying to help Asians and Africans as well as people from India and Pakistan with candida problems who cannot afford these nutrients, I have had to go herbal to help them which creates other difficulties. In the Philippines, the average wage is about 1. So, for a Filipino who has systemic candida to spend perhaps $1. Similarly, for an average Filipino to be able to afford organic food is simply not possible or realistic because of the cost.

As you can imagine, this has frustrated me somewhat in my efforts to help these people. As a result of all these problems, I've been trying for some time to find another candida remedy that is easy to take, that kills candida quickly and is relatively cheap and easy to obtain. And I think that I've found a cheaper nutrient (historically and widely used in the past) that does indeed kill candida rapidly in the intestines, blood and organs plus it does so much more. This substance is known by various synonyms: spirit oil of pines, spirit of gum turpentine or kerosene are some of the names.

There is not alot of research on these fractionated oils as supplemented oils but in the 1. Merck Manual the following has been recorded as oil of pine's supplemented benefits and are of interest: gonorrheameningitislung diseasearthritisabdominal problems. This list goes on and on. Odd therefore, that in the 1. Merck Manual and after more than 1.

I guess that turpentine spirit, very much like the broadband pathogen- killing abilities of lugols iodine and hydrgogen peroxide, scared the medical research establishment with its apparently unassailable healing qualities. Some of the constituents of turpentine: Benefits of alpha- pinenes: Lipophilic. Bactericidal. Fungicidal.

Insecticidal. Pesticidal. Anticarcinogenic (cytotoxic on cancer cells)Diuretic. Antioxidant. Immunostimulant Anti- inflammatory. Anti- convulsive. Sedative. Anti- stress. Hypoglycaemic Capable of expelling xenobiotics Anticholinesterase activity.

Benefits of beta- pinenes: Lipophilic. Bactericidal. Fungicidal. Insecticidal. Acting against osteoclasts. Anticarcinogenic (cytotoxic on cancer cells)Pesticidal. Antioxidant. Sedative.

Source: http: //test. Mercier. pdf. Oil of pines or turpentine also contains significant amounts d- limonene, cavicol, terpenes, acetic acid and butyric acid. I am not going to descrbe the benefits of these, not enough space, but - - from all the evidence and testimonials that I've read, it appears that turpentine or kerosene kills candida very rapidly in the intestines and in the blood/organs.

Other effects - - it cures arthritis because oil of pines also kills mycoplasma and is also anti- cancer. It is a wonderful anti- inflammatory and a safe pain killer. In short, spirit of gum turpentine appears to be strongly anti- candida, anti- cancer, anti- mycoplasma, antibacterial, antifungal, antivirus and anti- parasitic.

With the possible exceptions of iodine and hydrogen peroxide I really don't know of any other single nutrient that has these broadband anti- pathogen killing effects. It simply doesn't get better than that. Acting Camps For Young Adults. No wonder then that the 1. Merck Manual decided to trash it - - how could their drugs compete with that!! You can read all about the evidence and testimonials here: http: //xa. Turpentine- The_Candida_Cleaner - Dr.

Daniels. pdfhttp: //www. I must admit that I haven't tried distilled oil of pines yet, due to the difficulties of getting the properly distilled oil, but I fully intend to take it for about four weeks or so (as recommended by Dr Daniels as the ultimate cleanse and blood purifier ) to see and understand its effects. For this reason, I hesitate to actually recommend it here as a cure for candida or anything else yet.