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Chronic Disease Overview Publications Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Chronic Diseases: The Leading Causes of Death and Disability in the United States. Chronic diseases and conditions—such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis—are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems. As of 2. 01. 2, about half of all adults—1. One in four adults had two or more chronic health conditions. Seven of the top 1.

Study highlights unmet treatment needs among adults with mental health and substance use disorders. Last week I wrote about the problems facing parents of children in mainstream school whose special needs have been persistently overlooked. While the troubled roll. ADHD Statistics ADHD, By the Numbers. How common is attention deficit disorder? Diagnoses among children continue to rise every year, but the largest (and most.

Two of these chronic diseases—heart disease and cancer—together accounted for nearly 4. Obesity is a serious health concern. During 2. 01. 1–2. BMI] ≥3. 0 kg/m. 2). About one in six youths (1. BMI ≥9. 5th percentile). Arthritis is the most common cause of disability.

Helmets for Special Needs and Developmental Disabilities. Summary: Helmets made specifically for people with developmental disabilities and seizures are available. It’s not easy to talk to any child about how our bodies change during puberty. But how can it be explained to a child with special needs who may or may not understand? Every child and young person is unique, and each one requires support to become an effective individual. Ii Kenya National Survey for Persons with Disabilities Any part of this document may be freely reviewed, quoted, reproduced or translated in full or in part.

Of the 5. 4 million adults with doctor- diagnosed arthritis, more than 2. Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, lower- limb amputations other than those caused by injury, and new cases of blindness among adults. Health Risk Behaviors that Cause Chronic Diseases. Health risk behaviors are unhealthy behaviors you can change. Four of these health risk behaviors—lack of exercise or physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and drinking too much alcohol—cause much of the illness, suffering, and early death related to chronic diseases and conditions. In 2. 01. 5, 5. 0% of adults aged 1.

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In addition, 7. 9% did not meet recommendations for both aerobic and muscle- strengthening physical activity. More than 1 in 3 adults (about 9. About 9. 0% of Americans aged 2 years or older consume too much sodium, which can increase their risk of high blood pressure. In 2. 01. 5, more than 3. An estimated 3. 6.

United States (1. Cigarette smoking accounts for more than 4. Each day, more than 3,2. Drinking too much alcohol is responsible for 8. US adults report binge drinking an average of 4 times a month, and have an average of 8 drinks per binge, yet most binge drinkers are not alcohol dependent.

Top of Page The Cost of Chronic Diseases and Health Risk Behaviors. In the United States, chronic diseases and conditions and the health risk behaviors that cause them account for most health care costs.

Eighty- six percent of the nation’s $2. These costs can be reduced. Total annual cardiovascular disease costs to the nation averaged $3. Of this amount, $1. Cancer care cost $1.

The total estimated cost of diagnosed diabetes in 2. Decreased productivity includes costs associated with people being absent from work, being less productive while at work, or not being able to work at all because of diabetes. The total cost of arthritis and related conditions was about $1. Of this amount, nearly $8.

Medical costs linked to obesity were estimated to be $1. Annual medical costs for people who were obese were $1,4. For the years 2. 00. This cost includes nearly $1. The economic costs of drinking too much alcohol were estimated to be $2.

Most of these costs were due to binge drinking and resulted from losses in workplace productivity, health care expenses, and crimes related to excessive drinking. Top of Page References. Ward BW, Schiller JS, Goodman RA. Multiple chronic conditions among US adults: a 2. Prev Chronic Dis.

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