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Makers of Four Wheel Bicycles and Adult Trikes. Zigo has a unique trike combined with a stroller/jogger.

It has two 2. 0" wheels on the front that are the stroller wheels when you dismount that section. There is an 8- speed internal gear rear hub. There is a spare wheel under the stroller to put on as the front wheel of the bike when you separate them, and two 8" caster wheels on the front of the stroller to make it a four wheel stroller. Michael Deegan's site was the definitive recumbent tricycles page. When we found it we almost took the trikes off of ours.

He had a photo of each trike, a very useful way of sorting through them. But we can't find it online any more. Arm- Powered Vehicles. Before reading these, here is Murray Drew's site - - Manual Mobility - - for links to arm- powered vehicles and almost anything else you might want for muscle or electric powered mobility. Years after breaking his neck he is still working hard to get it all back. Action has two arm- powered Excelerator trikes, the L'il Excelerator with 2. Top End Excelerator with 2. Signs He`S Dating Someone Else.

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No pedals, arm power only! Seven speeds, high- back.

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Ride Bikes Again! Safe, Sturdy and Secure adult tricycles. If you're looking for a way to get that needed exercise and stay healthy, look no more! The Liberty Trike Adult Electric Tricycle. Most Popular Folding Electric Tricycle. Frames Made in the USA! Call Now: 866-894-4620. Shop for adult drifting trikes online at Target. Free shipping on purchases over $35 and save 5% every day with your Target REDcard. This is why you came here right? We keep hundreds of trikes in stock at any time and are masters at building custom configurations. Choose a color, the components you.

Action Top End, 4. Circle North, Pinellas Park. FL 3. 37. 81, phone (8. Alternative Vehicles has a line of trikes and four wheelers mostly made by Pacific Cycles in Asia. Their hand- powered models are designed mostly for rehab and mobility.

Angle Tech has a trike powered by either arms, legs, or both. Brike International has a Freedom Ryder hand- powered recumbent trike steered by leaning the body. Built for athletes and racing, it has a high tech look, particularly with the carbon fiber wheel option. Greenspeed makes a nice line of tricycles including a 5. If you can afford custom work, they have a custom shop.

Handy is a hand- driven low- profile tadpole tricycle with high- profile handlebars. It has internal hub gearing on the front wheel and controls for shifting and braking built into the hand pedals.

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  • Trailmate makes adult trikes, industrial tricycles & recumbent cycles as well as special needs tricycles & rental cycles.

The Handy Upright version has a higher seating position. Both have 2. 0" wheels.

They are available to dealers from Pacific Cycles of Taiwan and are recommended for upper body exercise and people who can't pedal with their legs. You can read about Pacific Cycles in the March 1, 2. Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

The article explains why the original Pacific Cycles has an S on the end and Pacific Cycle of the US does not. Intrepid Equipment has an arm- powered delta road trike with three 7. There is an optional coupler to split the frame for transporting it in a car. They offer test rides and service at their San Diego location. Invacare has a racing arm- powered trike.

It has a driven, pivoting front wheel, 2. Mobilis Corporation has at least three arm- powered trikes including the Armstrong, the Cruiser and the Lightning Bolt. No pedals, arm power only! Handled by Rideable Bike Replicas, 2.

Eagle St., Alameda, CA 9. The Irish Mail is for something completely different. It is the four wheel rowbike some people remember from earlier times. Some links. Space Bike makes a very small four wheeled rowing bike for toddlers and kids 3 to 1. It is steered with the feet.

Bright colors, including the wheels. There is a Youtube video on it. Ti- Trikes in the trikes section above has a hand- powered trike.

Tri- Sled in the trikes section above has a hand- powered trike. Tricycle Plans. Atomic Zombie sells plans for a number of tricycles, including adult deltas and tadpoles, novelty, hand- powered and stunt trikes. Bicycle Lane Industries has plans for a cargo trike based on a grocery cart. The description makes the trike seem pretty lame, but the writeup will help you to avoid the problems they uncovered if you want to design a cargo trike. Hell- bent Cycle Works has designs for Thunderbolt Mk II 2.

They sell trike plans and components when ready. Web. Be sure to check out the About page for background on how the company has developed and the What's New page for recent changes. The plans we have seen appear to be very well done, with photos, drawings and dimensional drawings along with discussion of frame materials and a lot of other info. We have not, however, built one, so we don't know how they work out. Hoard's Bike Cart has plans on the Web for making a trike that has a garden cart with two wheels on the front.

With photos of the two they have in use on a ranch. The builder says "You can easily pedal up to 2. They are great for bringing in the produce, moving sacks of grain, bales of hay, sick calves, manure, etc.".

Larry Bowden has plans up for tricycles. They are free for personal use but he asks you to make a small donation to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Vintage Projects has plans for building very old looking designs for a sidecar and a chariot- style trailer.

There are a number of car- like fully enclosed tricycles available now, mostly in Germany and the Netherlands. Some are listed above. Aero. Rider is a Dutch company with a bullet shaped vehicle on three wheels. There are a least two models. The larger one weighs 1. It has vents and fans for cooling.

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