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Toonami; Network: Cartoon Network (1997–2008) Kids WB (2001–2002) Adult Swim (2012–present) Launched: March 17, 1997; 20 years ago () (Original launch on.

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Toonami - Wikipedia. Toonami (too- NAH- mee) is a television programming block that primarily consists of Americananimation and Japaneseanime.

It was created by Sean Akins and Jason De. Marco and produced by Williams Street. The name is a portmanteau of the words "cartoon" and "tsunami", suggesting a "tidal wave" of animated shows.

Toonami initially ran as an afternoon and evening block on Cartoon Network aimed at teens aged 1. In its original run, the block was known for showcasing action anime that became widely popular with American audiences.

It was also recognized for its distinctive space- themed backdrop, anime music videos, drum and bass- flavored soundtrack, and host (a robot named T. O. M., short for Toonami Operations Module). On May 2. 6, 2. 01.

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Adult Swim (stylized as [adult swim]) is the adult-oriented nighttime programming block of the American children's cable network Cartoon Network, operating daily 8 p. Toonami: Digital Arsenal is a stockpile of movie files, images, articles, video games, and other things from and about Toonami and its shows. Your home for live streaming content, hot chats, your favorite shows, and games for all your devices. The [adult swim] Box experience is here! Let us fill that meatwad shaped hole in your heart exclusive goods from your favorite TV network. Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

Cartoon Network relaunched Toonami as part of their Adult Swim block—which continues as a Saturday night action block from its forerunner, Midnight Run. Shows from the older lineup have occasionally returned, along with newer shows. Outside the United States, Cartoon Network aired Toonami blocks in Australia from 2. In the United Kingdom, Toonami was a standalone channel from 2. In December 2. 01. Toonami was launched as a standlone channel in Asia- Pacific.

Similar channels were launched in India in 2. France in 2. 01. 6. History and events[edit]1. Moltar era[edit]Toonami was Cartoon Network's primary action- animation block.

The block premiered on March 1. It initially replaced Power Zone, Cartoon Network's most recent incarnation of the Super Adventures block, which had been a staple on the network since October 1, 1.

Toonami was originally a weekday afternoon cartoon and action block hosted by Space Ghost villain- turned- producer Moltar (voiced by C. Eddy Edd Dating Sim. Martin Croker) at the Ghost Planet Industries building from 1. July 9, 1. 99. 9.

T. O. M. 1 era[edit]On Saturday, July 1. Cartoon Network relaunched Toonami with a new environment, the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, and a new host named T. O. M. (voiced by Sonny Strait), which introduced viewers to him with this speech: “So it's a brand new Toonami, but the mission objectives remain the same. My name is TOM. I'm the new Moltar. Welcome aboard the Ghost Planet Spaceship Absolution, Cartoon Network's first and only interstellar broadcast and exploration vehicle.

I'll give you the tour later. From this day forward she is completely responsible for all Toonami transmissions. I'm taking you guys into the new millennium! No big changes now, same show, same attitude; new place to do it, new guy to do it with. I'm not going to waste any more time, let's get back into it. Later.”Also introduced that day was the Midnight Run, a late night block. It was originally a five- hour Saturday night block (technically Sunday) at midnight EST until March 2.

January 2. 00. 3. It ran from 1. 99. EST to 5: 0. 0 am from 1. It consisted of anime such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Voltron, Robotech, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, and Outlaw Star. Midnight Run tended to have more blood and violence than its daytime counterpart, at one point even running an uncut version of Gundam Wing.[1] One special edition that started on Friday, August 3. Gorillaz including "Clint Eastwood" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", Kenna's "Hellbent," and from Daft Punk's Interstella 5.

Another event was Dragon Ball Z taking over the Midnight Run for a week starting on March 2. Starting in September 2. Toonami presented special interactive events known as Total Immersion Events (TIEs). These TIEs took place both on- air during Toonami and online at the official site, Toonami. Dragon Ball Z,[3] returned for a new season. The first TIE was The Intruder, which introduced T. O. M.'s companion, an AI matrix known as S.

A. R. A. (voiced by Sally Timms). The Intruder was an eight episode mini- series that aired during Toonami from September 1. It involved the Absolution being attacked by an alien blob known only as "the Intruder", which ultimately devoured T. O. M. 2. 00. 0–'0. T. O. M. 2 era[edit]. Toonami logo used from February 2. March 1. 4, 2. 00.

Though The Intruder resulted in the destruction of T. O. M., he was soon after upgraded by S. A. R. A. from a short Bomberman- esque character to a taller, sleeker, deeper- voiced incarnation dubbed T. O. M. 2 (voiced by Steven Blum, who has since been the voice of all subsequent incarnations of the character).

A Saturday morning incarnation, Toonami Rising Sun, ran from 2. It later ran from 1. This block was somewhat hampered to avoid competing with sister network Kids' WB. From July 3. 0, 2. June 2. 8, 2. 00. Kids WB aired a Toonami block that was, more or less, the Kids' WB lineup with the Toonami name. It was critically panned by industry observers, who noticed that the action branding of the block - which had added shows such as Generation O!, Scooby- Doo, and The Nightmare Room, a live- action series created by Goosebumps author R.

L. Stine - did not translate content- wise.

Adult Swim. Part of the [adult swim] mural on Williams Street, January 9th, 2.

Toonami Toonami Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia. Toonami. Cartoon Network Block. Network. Cartoon Network. Launched. March 1.

Cancelled. September 2. Runtime. 1 hour (2.

Midnight Run)2 hours (1. Rising Sun) (2. 00. Super Saturday)4 hours (2.

Midnight Run). Kids' WB! Block. Network. Kids' WB! Launched. July 3. Cancelled. June 3. Runtime. 2 hours (2. Adult Swim Block. Network. Adult Swim.

Launched. May 2. 6, 2. Runtime. 3 1/2 hours (2.

Present)6 hours (2. Toonami is an animated programming block that formerly aired on Cartoon Network, and currently airs on Adult Swim, geared toward action animation, mostly consisting of American cartoons and Japanese anime. The name is a combination of the words cartoon and tsunami, suggesting that the block is a "tidal wave" of animated shows. The block originated in the US on March 1.

Cartoon Network's primary action- animation block until September 2. Toonami was revived on Saturday, May 2. Adult Swim. History. Pre- Launch. 00: 3. Superheroes Weekend Promo (1. In 1. 99. 6, Sean Akins was asked by Cartoon Network executive, Mike Lazzo to create a new action animation block for the network.

Akins enlisted his friend Jason De. Marco to help him and together, with the help of several other individuals, they created what eventually became the Toonami block.

The weekend before the launch of Toonami (March 1. Cartoon Network held a two day marathon of action cartoons and titled the weekend, Superheroes Weekend. The weekend featured the Super Friends, a show that would eventually wind up on the Toonami block, and SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, a show that never appeared on Toonami. Hand Foot And Mouth Disease In Adults How Long Does It Last. During the weekend there were also several sneak peeks of the Toonami block. Early Years. Toonami made its world premiere on Monday, March 1. Power Zone, Cartoon Network's most recent action block incarnation.

Toonami was originally a weekday afternoon (4- 6 PM) action cartoon block hosted by Space Ghost villain- turned- producer Moltar from the Ghost Planet Industries building from 1. July 9, 1. 99. 9. In the animated world, Moltar began the program by sending his mobile satellite probe, Clyde 4. Ghost Planet Studio, where Space Ghost: Coast to Coast was broadcast. Expansion. 01: 5.

Toonami - Tom 1st Introduction (1. HD)In 1. 99. 9, Moltar was replaced as the host of Toonami by an A. I. named TOM, who was given the Ghost Planet vessel, GPS Absolution Mk. I, to travel through the universe and continue Moltar's work. TOM's first appearance as host actually came during Toonami's very first Midnight Run broadcast, which started at 1. ET on July 1. 0, 1. With TOM in the driver's seat, Toonami began reaching out in new and unexpected programming and added several additional programming blocks (Midnight Run, Rising Sun, Super Saturday).

In 2. 00. 0, Toonami premiered the first Total Immersion Event, The Intruder, in which an Intruder ate into the Absolution and killed TOM, leaving his successor, TOM 2 to take over and rid the vessel of the intruder. TOM's faithful companion, SARA, was also introduced during the event. On July 3, 2. 00. Toonami expanded by an additional hour, running for 3 hours from 4- 7 PM. On May 1. 4, 2. 00.

Toonami block lost the 4- 5 PM hour in preparation for the premiere of the Toonami block on Kids' WB on July 3. From July 3. 0, 2. June 3. 0, 2. 00.

Kids' WB aired a Toonami block that was, more or less, the Kids' WB lineup with the Toonami name. It was critically panned by industry observers and fans, who noticed the action branding of the block did not translate content wise, which had added shows like Scooby- Doo and The Nightmare Room, a live- action series created by Goosebumps author R. L. Stine. In Spring 2. Kids' WB announced that they would drop the Toonami name from their weekday lineup, once again making the Toonami brand exclusive to Cartoon Network. Post Kids' WB Toonami. Toonami 3 Hour Return Promo (2.

Toonami regains its 3rd hour. Toonami Tom 3 New Look Long Promo. TOM 3 Lineup Promo. On June 3, 2. 00.

Toonami regained the 4- 5 PM hour.[2] From August to the middle of September, Toonami hosted Hyper Space Movies on Fridays, but the Absolution got Trapped in Hyperspace due to a computer virus named Swayzak. In March 2. 00. 3, an online Toonami comic titled Endgame was released. In the comic, the Absolution was destroyed and SARA taken from it. TOM was also destroyed, but was rebuilt into a new body (referred to as TOM 3) and rescued SARA, building a new ship from scrap, dubbed the GPS Absolution Mk. II. On March 1. 7, 2. TOM 3 began hosting Toonami and the block was shortened once again, losing the 4- 5 PM hour.[3]Toonami Rules Saturday Nights. On April 1. 7, 2.

Cartoon Network moved Toonami from weekday afternoons to Saturday evenings, airing from 7- 1. PM, aimed at a preteen and teen audience. Cartoon Network also added a new lighter- toned action/comedy hybrid block, Miguzi, to weekday afternoons in place of Toonami.

Toonami also replaced the block known as Saturday Video Entertainment System.

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