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Wisconsin Amish. With a population of over 1. Wisconsin has fewer Amish than only Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. The Wisconsin Amish population is spread over nearly four dozen settlements across the state, and a total of 1. Young Center, 2. 01. Wisconsin Amish communities include: Cashton- The Cashton settlement is Wisconsin’s largest Amish community, with 1. Hillsboro- the Hillsboro Amish community in Vernon County numbers 8 districts. What Cause Jaundice In Adults.

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Wilton/Tomah- A sizeable Amish settlement is found in Monroe County near the towns of Wilton and Tomah. Medford- The Amish community at Medford in Taylor County is the oldest in Wisconsin. Green Lake County- The Amish community near the towns of Kingston and Dalton consists of 9 church districts. Clark County- Clark County is home to 5 separate Amish communities.

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Small Wisconsin Amish communities- Small Amish communities are found across the Badger State. Cashton. Cashton is the largest Wisconsin Amish community. Founded in 1. 96. Amish Settlements Across America: 2. David Luthy, for dates of founding and some church district numbers). Amish do business in the town of Cashton, Wisconsin. The Cashton Amish community is a conservative group.

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Cashton Amish do not use indoor plumbing for bathrooms, and will have only cold water in homes. Cashton is a very farming- oriented community.

Amish farmers supply milk for a local cheese factory. There are also some Amish- run businesses, many operated as sidelines. These include three hat shops, three buggy makers and a shoe store which keep the Cashton Amish supplied with clothing and transportation. Additionally, cabinet makers, metal shops, bulk food stores, a hardwares store and a clockmaker are found among Amish businesses in the Cashton community.

Cashton Amish have ties with the Hillsboro Amish community. Amish from Cashton have also started at least one daughter community, in southern Illinois. Hillsboro. The Hillsboro Amish community, founded in 1. Vernon County.  The Hillsboro settlements has roots in a Kentucky Amish community. At first glance, the Hillsboro Amish community appears to be one of Wisconsin’s largest, with 8 church districts.

However, David Luthy notes that the Hillsboro districts are exceptionally small, in 2. Amish church district elsewhere (Amish Settlements Across America: 2. Luthy p 8). Wilton/Tomah. The Amish community near the towns of Wilton and Tomah in Monroe County was founded just a few years after the Cashton settlement, in 1. Amish at the time were  likely attracted to the state for its strong dairy reputation. A team pulls through the snow at the Monroe County Amish settlement, near Wilton.

The Monroe County settlement is one of the largest in Wisconsin, with 8 church districts, (population roughly 1,0. Medford. The Medford Amish settlement in Taylor County, founded 9. Wisconsin’s oldest. Given its age, the Medford Amish community is relatively small, with only 3 church districts as of 2.

Medford is located in north- central Wisconsin. The GAMEO entry for this settlement notes that “Its cold winters have had an effect on the slow growth” in the community. Green Lake County.

Green Lake County is home to one of the largest Amish settlements in Wisconsin, near the communities of Kingston and Dalton. The Kingston/Dalton settlement was founded in 1. Amish travel to church service in the Kingston/Dalton settlement in Green Lake County, Wisconsin. Clark County. Clark County is located in central Wisconsin, and is one of the largest of Wisconsin’s  7. Amish have found Clark County an attractive area and roomy enough for a number of separate settlements to have been founded here.

The oldest Amish community in Clark County is found near the towns of Greenwood and Willard in the center of the county. Founded in 1. 97.

The largest Clark County communities are at Granton (1. Loyal (1. 98. 9). Both settlements are comprised of 5 congregations today.

Two other small Amish settlements can be found in Clark County, at Owen (1. Neilsville (2. 00. Both consist of one church district as of 2. Other Wisconsin Amish communities. Another noteworthy Wisconsin Amish community is found at Augusta in Eau Claire County, at 6 church districts in size. The Augusta Amish settlement was founded over 3.

Wisconsin is dotted with small Amish communities. Roughly 3/4 of Wisconsin’s 4. Amish settlements consist of just 1 or 2 church districts. Wisconsin has experienced high levels of in- migration from Amish communities in other states. Nearly 3. 0 Amish settlements have been founded in Wisconsin over the past 2 decades. Onlookers observe a horse trainer at the Sauk County Amish auction at Cazenovia. Sauk County is home to 2 Amish settlements.

Wisconsin’s Amish population has increased at a much faster rate than most over this 2. Young Center, 2. 01. Iv Fluid Rehydration Adults there. Older small communities are found at Blair in Trempealeau County, Spencer in Marathon County, and Chetek in Barron County.

Younger small settlements are located at New Auburn in Chippewa County (1. Taylor in Jackson County (1.

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